Amazing Rocket Ships now shipping

The Rocket Ship Foundation is pleased to offer the portable Amazing Rocket Ship [ARS] for distribution worldwide. Measuring just 165mm by 55mm, you can have your own personally created ARS sent in the post. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Amazing Rocket Ship ready to post

Amazing Rocket Ship packaged and ready for the mail worldwide

Note: each Amazing Rocket Ship comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity. Do not be taken in by cheap imitators.

It is 48 years since the first Moon landing: Amazing Rocket Ship offers a celebration

On the 20 July 1969 the first feet set down upon the Moon. This was an unprecedented day in the history of humanity, and, to date, has not been surpassed. The Rocket Ship Foundation, parent organisation of Amazing Rocket Ship, offers this dedication to the men and women who made that landing possible.

48 anniversary of moon landing

In honour of the first Moon landing by Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins

Amazing new use found for the Donald Trump

In the current uncertain geopolitical climate, the Rocket Ship Foundation launches its own defence system against any possible nuclear escalation by North Korea. The Donald Trump is skinned and his larger-than-life body used as a defence blanket – a shield in the sky –  covering Japan. Amazing Rocket Ship will ensure the protective ‘blanket’ is kept in a stationary orbit, as in this artist’s depiction.

Amazing new use found for Donald Trump

Donald Trump becomes a missile defence shield protecting Japan from possible nuclear strike by North Korea



Joyful memories of childhood #4

As a child, Amazing Rocket Ship had the great fortune to be taken to the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Centre Court in particular, when Rod Laver was at his peak.

ARS and Rod Laver childhod memories

Rod Laver as remembered at the Wimbledon lawn tennis championships by Amazing Rocket Ship

[Followers of this series will be aware of a numbering sequence issue: #3 has yet to appear and will follow in due course.]

Roman Mosaic discovery places Amazing Rocket Ship in BCE context

Our colleagues [and now friends] at the University of Lewisham have published this image in the renowned international and peer-reviewed journal, Tractus Romanae. 

Mosaic and Amazing Rocket Ship

Mosaic of what appears to be an Amazing Rocket Ship discovered by archaeologists in London

Following several years of patient excavation at a location within the known former city limits of Londinium, archaeologists chanced across this mosaic, located beneath a former slaughter house near Marsala Road. Radiocarbon dating places the mosaic at 115 BCE, an incredible finding since the earliest settlement is dated to at least 150 years later. Professor U.R Jo-King explains: ‘It is clear early settlers had contact with some extra-terrestrial object, perhaps indeed a Rocket Ship, as seen in this splendid rendition in mosaic. Further research is necessary to confirm this extraordinary discovery that may well change the course of human history’.

Joyful memories of Childhood: 2

The second in an occasional series [find the first here] depicts Amazing Rocket Ship with sibling watching Dad flying a kite on a warm summer Sunday afternoon, somewhere in the Surrey hills.

Memories of childhood 2

Amazing Rocket Ship watches as Dad flies a kite in gentle breeze one summer’s afternoon.

Paris Accord and the USA: Amazing Rocket Ship’s blistering response

The Paris Accord was heralded by Amazing Rocket Ship way back in December 2015 [see here]. Now President Trump has put his foot in it, as is his way, and says he is an isolationist when it comes to matters of economics/the actual future of our planet. Therefore, two Amazing Rocket Ships have taken it upon themselves to put the USA into isolation – literally – through sending the entire country [with the exception of California and NY] into a geostationary orbit above the planet Earth where it and its president can do no further harm and reflect on their stupidity. If the USA won’t comply with global emissions then let the USA do its dirty deeds in the vacuum of space. Here on Planet Earth Amazing Rocket Ship seeks to ‘make space for everyone’.

USA is lifted out of the World map

The United States of America is literally removed from the world map by two Amazing Rocket Ships after Trump’s climate change folly.

ARS seeks to put the USA in space

Two Amazing Rocket Ships land on the USA, insert grappling hooks, before taking the entire country into geostationary orbit.