Some FAQs about Rocket Ship

Can I take my pet dog/cat/budgie/hamster/guinea pig/rabbit/goldfish/or any other small reptile with me?

Unfortunately, Rocket Ship is not designed at present to accommodate either another person or animals as cargo. Do note also: the designers of Rocket Ship are working on a two-seater version of the vessel. However, in no circumstance will rabbits be allowed on board owing to concern regarding excessive breeding that might jeopardise the long-term colonisation of the Moon – or other planets for that matter.

What tools are necessary to take?

We recommend the following: pliers (long nose); hammer (1 and a half pound weight); sharp knife with a retractable blade; lolly sticks (these have multiple uses); sticky tape; putty or chewing gum for any holes caused by meteorites; torch with spare batteries. In addition, do not forget to stow a flag (cloth) of your country of origin together with a retractable pole (these may be purchased from good camping outlets).

What food/provisions do you recommend?

Excellent question. This is a sample only: a packet of biscuits (digestive variety are highly recommended); long-life milk (1 litre);  tins of tuna or sardines depending on preference; sun cream, because the Sun’s rays are much more powerful once out of Earth’s protective atmosphere; a travelling toothbrush and nail clippers.


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