Beware imitators of Rocket Ship

It has come to the attention of Rocket Ship designers that since the launch of this project some unscrupulous imitators have begun to flood the market with unreliable, untested and, frankly, daft rockets that are claimed to be considerably cheaper than the original, yet just as effective. One such as illustrated here.

Imitation of Rocket Ship

Imitation of Rocket Ship

Just examine this feeble effort. It begs description. It is laughable.

The designers of this pale imitation have used the most basic of raw materials and we can guarantee they will not have flight-tested the project to the extent the original Rocket Ship has been tested.

Rocket Ship 001 in situ.

Rocket Ship 001 in situ.

Why – it is but a tin can and the manufacturers have not even taken the trouble to put in windows so the astronaut can admire the view as he or she travels into space and beyond. Compare with the real thing shown.

Look at the landing legs – do you really think they will support the cabin as it descends to the Moon’s surface? The answer is: No, they will buckle as the craft (were it even to complete the voyage, which we doubt) retro fires in preparation for landing.

Note: We wish to remind potential customers, as well as existing, that there is only ONE Rocket Ship  capable of taking you to the Moon. It is Rocket Ship – Making Space for Everyone.

Do not be hood-winked by offers or inducements. You will be disappointed.


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