Big week in space news – and news too from Rocket Ship

What a week it has been. There’s the Breakthrough Initiatives with funding stumped up to pursue the likelihood of other intelligent life in the universe. This project is enthusiastically backed by Rocket Ship as we have always believed Planet Earth is not the only inhabited object in the known universe. Congratulations to all at Breakthrough and if there is anything we here at Rocket Ship can do just ask.

Massive Kinetic Enabling Bohrian Electro-Invasive Vector Emission (device)

Massive Kinetic Enabling Bohrian Electro-Invasive Vector Emission (device)

Just to prove that probably there are other life forms out there, Nasa announced today it has discovered Kepler 452b – a distant and habitable ‘cousin’ of Earth in a galaxy some 1400 light years away. Fantastic!

To add to this might seen like trying to steal the show, but modesty prevents us from such grandstanding. Instead, Rocket Ship today announces its own small contribution to space science: the MAssive Kinetic Enabling Bohrian ELectro-InvasivE Vector Emission device, or MAKE-BELIEVE, in short. MAKE-BELIEVE is phenomenal advance in space science as it enables small objects to transmute into larger ones, or vice-versa. The physics behind this breakthrough are a closely guarded secret here at Rocket Ship HQ but we attest that MAKE-BELIEVE makes it possible for you to climb through the eye of the needle and go places you have only dreamed about. [No illegal substances required.]


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