Christmas Story: part one: The Story of Mr Moon

The Story of Mr Moon

– Pass me a star.

I gave him a star, a bright white star that was so hot when I touched that it jumped from my right to my left hand.

– Ouch, I yelled.

– You must be more careful with stars, said Mr Moon as he put the star in his pocket. They are very hot as you have just found out. Also, the pointed ends are very sharp. It is best to wear gloves when handling stars. When you pick up the Sun…well, that is very difficult and you will have to be a lot older before you can be taught how to do that. Gloves will not be enough. You have to wear special glasses which have extra thick black lenses. And you will have to wear a very thick overcoat like you do when it is cold. Except the Sun is so hot that your head becomes as big as a balloon and sweat pours from you like water from a tap. But remember that you must never, never, NEVER, look at the Sun with your eyes uncovered. Even I can’t do that and I am the moon.

Mr Moon

I listened carefully to what Mr Moon had to say but I didn’t understand all of it. Why would anyone want to move the Sun? and where could you buy those special glasses with extra thick black lenses and that very thick overcoat? and did you need a scarf as well like you do when it’s cold outside. I’d never seen a shop selling such things.


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