Christmas Story: part two: Pointing out the stars

Mr Moon told me to follow him.

– We will walk very fast tonight because I am hungry and we have a visitor expected.

– Who is that? I asked. I am sure he hadn’t mentioned anything about a guest.

He looked at me severely.

– You really must pay more attention. Didn’t I tell you yesterday that Mars was going to call in for a glass of Milky Way and a Stardust sandwich? I’m sure I did. Now, hurry along please. We have a long way to go and my feet ache.

I had to run to keep up and noticed that Mr Moon grabbed a handful of stars as we went, stuffing them into the pockets of his jacket until both were so full that two of them tumbled out and fell silently back into the sky. I thought they winked at me; but by the time I looked again I couldn’t remember which star was which there were so many of them in the night sky and they all looked the same.

Mr Moon points out the stars in the night sky

Mr Moon points out the stars in the night sky

Mr Moon always said they all had names and were quite different if you knew how to look. One night when he was not busy he tried to teach me how to recognise the constellations and taught me their names, but they were such long or strange names, like Andromeda and Sirius, that I soon forgot and this made him cross with me. He turned so I couldn’t see his face and it became as dark as liquorice and as cold as ice. I shivered until he turned round and his face lit up, illuminated by the Sun which never slept.


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