Amazing Rocket Ship’s Amazing Plan to save the World from Mr Donald Trump

Amazing Rocket Ship and the Rocket Ship Foundation have come up with a cunning plan to deny Mr Donald Trump the chance of ascending to the Presidency of the United States of America. The scheme is simple and elegant.

Amazing Rocket Ships Amazing Plan

Donald Trump enters Amazing Rocket Ship thinking it to be one of his gaudy Resort/Hotels.

Amazing Rocket Ship will be disguised as a Trump Resort/Hotel on the USA/Mexico border. After a day of hard campaigning Mr Trump and his entire inner circle will enter the Resort/Hotel for a nightcap, only for seconds later the so-called Resort/Hotel to lift-off into space. Mr Trump will certainly ASCEND but into the infinity of Space, ne’er to return. [Crowdfunding is being considered to finance this plan ahead of November 2016.]

Amazing Rocket Ships Amazing Plan_0001

A furious Donald Trump has been ousted.


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