Theresa May appoints Amazing Rocket Ship to junior ministerial role in new UK Cabinet

Among those coming and going from Downing Street over the last few days none was more chuffed than Amazing Rocket Ship. When the Rocket Ship Foundation here in Australia received the phone call early Friday (AEST) we at first considered it some prankster on the line.

Amazing Rocket Ship appointed to junior post in UK Government

Amazing Rocket Ship with Theresa May outside 10 Downing Street as she announces the appointment to a junior ministerial position in her new Government.

However, once a few security checks had been completed it was evident the new British PM was not joking: Theresa May wanted Amazing Rocket Ship to fill a small, yet vital role in her administration – junior minister to the senior minister in the Department of Universal Design and Science (DUDS for short) with the brief to put the UK once again on the Space Map. Rocket Ship Foundation can reveal that Amazing Rocket Ship will be tasked with invigorating the UK’s dormant space program, a project dear to the PM’s heart as she grapples with the complexity of disengaging the island from its continental partners. Mrs May, in a private conversation with Amazing Rocket Ship, also declared her love for space rockets and her desire to be the first Prime Minister to go in to orbit and complete a space walk.


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