Your Excellencies: Amazing Rocket Ship seeks nomination as UN Secretary-General

With due respect to resolution 69/321 of the General Assembly of the United Nations, it is with humble dignity that Rocket Ship Foundation places before you the nomination of Amazing Rocket Ship to be the next UN Secretary-General.

Amazing Rocket Ship with Ban Ki-Moon

Amazing Rocket Ship is greeted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Amazing Rocket Ship has demonstrated a steadfast and robust commitment to maintaining world peace and security during the past 12  months, and has been recognised with the Noble Prize as well as honours bestowed by the Queen of Brexit (see here and here).

Amazing Rocket Ship is non-partisan and able to travel freely knowing no boundaries or borders. (As a bonus the UN will not have to stump up exorbitant travel costs by first-class airline since Amazing Rocket Ship is a stand-alone vehicle in its own right.)

Amazing Rocket Ship possesses the attributes of compassion, empathy and is ¬proficient in all languages of the world, as well as many from other worlds too. (Indeed, contact with non-humans and entities from the sub-atomic world will pose no dilemma.)

Rocket Ship Foundation has no hesitation in nominating Amazing Rocket Ship to Your Excellencies.




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