Exclusive: Chalk art on English hillside shows what may be Ancient Rocket Ship

Today the University of Lewisham’s (Marsala Campus) Department of Physical Anthropology and Archaeology publishes a paper titled: Did Ancient Celts know of Space Travel? The article makes reference to an astonishing discovery on a remote hillside in the English Cotswold’s that has gone unnoticed for centuries. A spokesperson for the department reports that this example of chalk art – shown here – was only found when the landowner cleared bracken and some hedgerows in preparation for the development of a wind-farm.


Ancient Rocket Ship carved into English hillside

Archaeologists from the department have dated the piece to a similar period as that of the Cerne Abbas Giant [below] and note it is also of a similar size and scale. ‘Though this image is not as graphic as the Cerne giant,’ the spokesperson comments, ‘it may be speculated that it too possessed supernatural properties and was a symbol of fertility and abundance for the ancient peoples of this area.’


Cerne Abbas Giant


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