Power of Magnetism demonstrated by Amazing Rocket Ship

The boffins here at the Rocket Ship Foundation [which, for new readers, is the technical arm of Amazing Rocket Ship] have been playing around with powerful magnets recently in an endeavour to find an alternative method of propulsion. And they think they are on to something. Take a look at these exclusive images of a mock up of what could one day be our way to the stars, without having to burn up millions of litres of rocket fuel [horrible, dirty stuff].

The Amazing Rocket Ship [RS029 in the complete catalogue] is held in orbit simply by the repulsive force of the magnetic poles. Imagine if this were to be scaled up. Using a sophisticated array of electronics and some jiggery-pokery it will be possible to translate this into a motive force sufficient to get from Earth to wherever. Stay tuned. Don’t forget, Amazing Rocket Ship is powered by the Imagination.

[For the technically minded: RS029 is made from recycled tin, steel, two magnets, glass and marble. 30cm x 14cm x 16cm.]


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