Illuminated manuscript gives clue to Amazing Rocket Ship’s place in history

This recently discovered fragment from a 15th century illuminated manuscript found by a researcher at the University of Lewisham‘s centre for the art of the book, Ladywell Campus, suggests Amazing Rocket Ship may have been known to early scribes.


Illuminated Manuscript with Amazing Rocket Ship

The researcher, Dr Wilhelms De Winde, at first did not notice that the saintly monk’s gaze was directed at a specific object on the top left corner (as viewed), just on the edge of the decoration. ‘Could it be,’ speculates Dr De Winde, ‘that the saintly monk was indeed in prayer to Amazing Rocket Ship and that Amazing Rocket Ship was seen by the scribe as some out-of-body manifestation akin, no less, to the Godhead?’

Dr De Winde said the fragment was found in the endpaper of a Victorian binding of an, at the time, popular novelette  It Ain’t What it Seems by the Rev. Augustus Crook LLD, of whom there is no record in the Dictionary of National Biography. The novelette is dated 1854 and was once in the possession of a Dr Strangelove.

Dr De Winde is currently preparing a paper for publication in the esteemed international online journal, Finale Antiquitas Kaesorie Eruditus [FAKE].



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