Amazing Rocket Ship meets President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower: Exclusive

Amazing Rocket Ship today met with President-elect Donald Trump at the latter’s temporary HQ, Trump Tower. Amid the gaudy setting Amazing Rocket Ship was robust in conversation with the President-elect, who had personally made a call to the Rocket Ship Foundation to offer a three minute audience.


President-elect Donald Trump meets with Amazing Rocket Ship at Trump Tower

The Rocket Ship Foundation, which has been steadfast in its opposition to a Trump Presidency, later issued this communique:

To all supporters of Amazing Rocket Ship and worldwide friends. It was carefully debated whether or not to accept this invitation from the President-elect. However, given the democratic process and the need for orderly transition of power it was agreed it is prudent to sit with an incoming dictator (oops)/President-elect than to snub. Access is everything in real-politik. Amazing Rocket Ship acknowledges there have been deep and often irreconcilable divisions between Mr Trump and the ethos of this Foundation – namely Making Space for Everyone – yet is prepared to offer the Olive Branch of Reconciliation.  It is hoped this [short] meeting will have enabled Mr Big Ears [oops] Trump to assess the regard in which Amazing Rocket Ship is held among the worldwide community, and to recognise the importance of fraternity and reconciliation in the years ahead. The Rocket Ship Foundation pledges to work for All and adhere to its founding mantra: Powered by Make-Believe.


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