Trump protest rally: Amazing Rocket Ship adds weight

The inauguration of Donald Trump has ignited waves of protest around the world, and the Rocket Ship Foundation lost no time in sending a signal to the new administration that it is not going to sit back and play dumb. Amazing Rocket Ship was therefore despatched post haste to add weight and influence to the impassioned Voice of Reason, as shown in this news photo.


Trump inauguration protest joined by Amazing Rocket Ship

[Note: The Rocket Ship Foundation distances itself entirely from falsehoods that may be put out by the Trump Administration regarding a meeting held in November 2016 between the then President-elect and Amazing Rocket Ship. See here. Yes, a meeting was held, a frank meeting, at which Amazing Rocket Ship sought to sound out Mr Trump on his views on space exploration. Mr Trump replied, ‘Space…there money in Space? Maybe I can rebrand the Moon as LunaTrump and put an Hotel up there. What’d you think Amazing Rocket Ship?’ At which point Amazing Rocket Ship left the meeting, citing a headache.]


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