Easter mystery closer to being solved, maybe

Associate professor I.T.S Joka of the University of Lewisham’s Institute of Illuminated Manuscripts has today informed the Rocket Ship Foundation of a most remarkable discovery. Prof. Joka, in an email, states that in the course of his research on some hitherto undocumented papers he came across the one here exclusively illustrated.

Jesus is risen and Amazing Rocket Ship

Illuminated manuscript showing the risen Christ markedly pointing to Amazing Rocket Ship atop a distant hill.

Prof. Joka writes: “This is a remarkable demonstration of the fact that Jesus may have had help in removing the tomb top, a heavy stone slab, and is attesting to this by indicating with his fingers the source: Amazing Rocket Ship sitting on top of a nearby hill.’

The manuscript is undergoing further forensic testing and a paper is due to be published shortly in Annuls of the Philosophic Journal of Lewisham, Modern Edition X.


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