Christmas tidings

The Rocket Ship Foundation and Amazing Rocket Ship extend seasonal greetings to all readers and wish to make note that a short pause will commence as of now.


Amazing Rocket Ship as a Christmas decoration

Although The Foundation and the Ship do not subscribe to any spiritual tendencies, the past 12 months have been ceaseless and gruelling, and a rest is called for. Take heart, be of good cheer and sound mind for who knows what 2017 has in store!

Christmas stocking fillers from Amazing Rocket Ship – order now for Xmas delivery

The Rocket Ship Foundation is delighted to announce a range of stocking fillers for the whole family, each featuring Amazing Rocket Ship. Choose from exclusive cashmere socks for the man in your life; or an exquisitely blended perfume for that special woman. Kids can be spoiled with a radio-controlled Amazing Rocket Ship for junior, while the little Princess can cuddle up with a Huggable toy (also suitable for babies of either gender). And what about Nan and Pop? Why not the special quilt sewing kit or a fabulous pewter tankard, each featuring Amazing Rocket Ship prominently? They will be delighted by your choice, and may well want to know more about Space. It’s sure to be an Amzing Rocket Ship Christmas this year.


Stocking fillers in time for Christmas from Amazing Rocket Ship

Christmas Story: part three: On my hand objects from the Moon

– Stop!

He put out an arm and I crashed into him and bumped my head.

– Duck! he yelled.

A light streaked across the sky passing so close I could feel its heat, and as quickly as it appeared it was gone, just a faint orange smear marking its path.

– What was that? I asked.

– A shooting star. They don’t always come so close. Often you can spot them in the distance and move out of the way in plenty of time. That one didn’t have the manners to even say ‘hello’. You get all sorts: some friendly and on for a chat; others in a mad hurry, like that fellow; and then there are the satellites.

– What are they?

– Spinning objects made from metal and plastic and silver foil. Don’t ever bother to think of having a chat with a satellite mind. They are too proud and far too busy for idle chatter. Yet even worse are rocket ships though fortunately there haven’t been too many of them of late. There was a time before you were born when a rocket ship would land on the front of my head at least once a year, sometimes twice. Pesky things and they left such a mess behind and how they stung when they crashed. See these. Can’t get rid of them no matter how hard I try.

He tapped his forehead with a finger and I noticed some red spots.

– Here, look at all this.

He fished about inside his jacket and pulled out a number of objects, which he placed in the palm of my hand. There were little vehicles with big wire wheels and strange contraptions with four legs. There were flags and sticks and shiny umbrellas and all sorts of nuts and bolts and hammers and spanners and empty tin cans.

Mr Moon shows me what was left behind

Mr Moon shows me what was left behind

– Just some of the rubbish left behind. Those humans are really so untidy, no wonder Earth is such a mess.

He scooped up the pieces and dropped them back inside his jacket.

– My, how time is flying. We must get on. Follow me and please, please don’t dawdle.

[To be continued at some point in space and time.]

Christmas Story: part two: Pointing out the stars

Mr Moon told me to follow him.

– We will walk very fast tonight because I am hungry and we have a visitor expected.

– Who is that? I asked. I am sure he hadn’t mentioned anything about a guest.

He looked at me severely.

– You really must pay more attention. Didn’t I tell you yesterday that Mars was going to call in for a glass of Milky Way and a Stardust sandwich? I’m sure I did. Now, hurry along please. We have a long way to go and my feet ache.

I had to run to keep up and noticed that Mr Moon grabbed a handful of stars as we went, stuffing them into the pockets of his jacket until both were so full that two of them tumbled out and fell silently back into the sky. I thought they winked at me; but by the time I looked again I couldn’t remember which star was which there were so many of them in the night sky and they all looked the same.

Mr Moon points out the stars in the night sky

Mr Moon points out the stars in the night sky

Mr Moon always said they all had names and were quite different if you knew how to look. One night when he was not busy he tried to teach me how to recognise the constellations and taught me their names, but they were such long or strange names, like Andromeda and Sirius, that I soon forgot and this made him cross with me. He turned so I couldn’t see his face and it became as dark as liquorice and as cold as ice. I shivered until he turned round and his face lit up, illuminated by the Sun which never slept.

Christmas Story: part one: The Story of Mr Moon

The Story of Mr Moon

– Pass me a star.

I gave him a star, a bright white star that was so hot when I touched that it jumped from my right to my left hand.

– Ouch, I yelled.

– You must be more careful with stars, said Mr Moon as he put the star in his pocket. They are very hot as you have just found out. Also, the pointed ends are very sharp. It is best to wear gloves when handling stars. When you pick up the Sun…well, that is very difficult and you will have to be a lot older before you can be taught how to do that. Gloves will not be enough. You have to wear special glasses which have extra thick black lenses. And you will have to wear a very thick overcoat like you do when it is cold. Except the Sun is so hot that your head becomes as big as a balloon and sweat pours from you like water from a tap. But remember that you must never, never, NEVER, look at the Sun with your eyes uncovered. Even I can’t do that and I am the moon.

Mr Moon

I listened carefully to what Mr Moon had to say but I didn’t understand all of it. Why would anyone want to move the Sun? and where could you buy those special glasses with extra thick black lenses and that very thick overcoat? and did you need a scarf as well like you do when it’s cold outside. I’d never seen a shop selling such things.