Goodbye to Rio from Amazing Rocket Ship

The last post here asked What is the Olympics for? Well, it is to Make Space for Everyone – which, as regular readers know, is the motto of the Rocket Ship Foundation. So, let us take that phrase and make it sing around this world.




Just what is the Olympics for?

Postcard from Rio five

Questions arise over what is the modern Olympics for?

So as the Olympics come to a close what, exactly, have we learnt? Is it the Medal Table? Which is another form of Nationalism. Is the Olympics about human endeavour or about National Pride? Amazing Rocket Ship has been asked to resolve this dilemma.

Possible bronze for Amazing Rocket Ship (drug test pending)

Amazing Rocket Ship finished fourth in the pole vault competition here at Rio last night in a fine display of poise and self-restraint. The capacity crowd (some of whom were more focused on political developments outside the stadium than events within) cheered until they were hoarse when it became clear that the official third place may be in doubt.

Postcard from Rio four

Amazing Rocket Ship clears the bar to land fourth: but the decision is pending here at Rio as a possible drug scandal threatens to be unleashed

The Rocket Ship Foundation put out this statement soon after: ‘It may be some years ahead before this result is ratified or clarified but we believe competition, whether Olympic or otherwise, must be fair and balanced. As our motto says: Let there be space for everyone. True in sport as in Interstellar Space’.