In praise of De Stijl at 100

It is the 100th anniversary of De Stijl and the Rocket Ship Foundation, being supporters of the art world, offers this little salutation in the style of the renowned school of art.


De Stijl by Amazing Rocket Ship

For devotees of De Stijl also see this previous post on Theo van Doesburg.

Power of Magnetism demonstrated by Amazing Rocket Ship

The boffins here at the Rocket Ship Foundation [which, for new readers, is the technical arm of Amazing Rocket Ship] have been playing around with powerful magnets recently in an endeavour to find an alternative method of propulsion. And they think they are on to something. Take a look at these exclusive images of a mock up of what could one day be our way to the stars, without having to burn up millions of litres of rocket fuel [horrible, dirty stuff].

The Amazing Rocket Ship [RS029 in the complete catalogue] is held in orbit simply by the repulsive force of the magnetic poles. Imagine if this were to be scaled up. Using a sophisticated array of electronics and some jiggery-pokery it will be possible to translate this into a motive force sufficient to get from Earth to wherever. Stay tuned. Don’t forget, Amazing Rocket Ship is powered by the Imagination.

[For the technically minded: RS029 is made from recycled tin, steel, two magnets, glass and marble. 30cm x 14cm x 16cm.]

Noble Prize awarded to Amazing Rocket Ship: second year in succession

The Rocket Ship Foundation has issued the following press release (without embargo: universal distribution through all media).

‘It is with humbleness that we wish to announce the Noble Committee has seen fit to award this year’s prestigious Prize to Amazing Rocket Ship, for the second year in succession. The Prize Committee (based at the University of Lewisham, and not to be confused with a similar sounding Swedish organisation) say the award recognises Amazing Rocket Ship’s tireless pursuit in Making Space for Everyone. The Committee state that “in the current uncertain global geo-political environment such a mission is without precedent in uniting the nations of the world to a common purpose”.’ Here is the certificate:


The certificate awarded to Amazing Rocket Ship from the Noble Committee

The Committee also noted the happiness Amazing Rocket Ship has brought to millions, regardless of race, creed or wealth. The Committee made special mention of ground-breaking research underway at the University’s department of Para and Neuro Psychology and the Philosophy of the Mind. Preliminary findings released earlier this year by Dr Jan Goldfingers and her team [follow this link for that report] demonstrate that just by looking at Amazing Rocket Ship neurons in the brain light up with a surge of delight and feckless abandon.

See here for the 2015 Prize announcement.

Note: This announcement comes on the same day  the UN announced the next secretary-general. Rocket Ship Foundation is disappointed  Amazing Rocket Ship’s application [see here] was unsuccessful. However, the Foundation is even more upset that despite numerous petitions the UN did not appoint a female candidate. What were they thinking?

Amazing Rocket Ship as teapot or kettle

The tea ceremony is honoured in both Japan and England, so it is with due humility that Rocket Ship Foundation presents ….

Is there nothing Amazing Rocket Ship cannot do? Our Australian readers will better know this as a Billy-Can. Note the useful hinged lid – so it will not go missing.

[RS024 in the complete catalogue. Sculpture carefully crafted from re-used paint tin, brass tube, copper tube, wire and re-used olive oil tin, measuring 31cmx24cmx11cm.]

Amazing Rocket Ship goes on exhibition

Residents of Northern NSW, Australia have an amazing (and rare) opportunity (for a strictly limited time) to view Amazing Rocket Ship in all its magnificence at the fabulous iconic Sugarmill Studio in downtown Murwillumbah, 2484.

Booking is not essential and entrance is without any form of gratuity (in other words, free). Feast your eyes on the astonishing variety of rockets, wonder at the sheer diversity on display, give yourself a good belly-laugh too and, even, make a purchase – or commission your own Amazing Rocket Ship. [The exhibition is suitable for all ages.]

[For our interstate and international friends of the Rocket Ship Foundation please contact us direct to arrange a travel itinerary that best suits you – nearest International Airport is Gold Coast, which is serviced by a range of high-quality carriers including Qantas, JetStar, Virgin, Air NewZealand, AirAsia and Scoot. And while in Murwillumbah why not make a day {or longer} of it and enjoy the delights of this cultural centre with its myriad of wonderful restaurants and cafes, bespoke shops and the Tweed Regional Art Gallery and Margaret Olley centre too.]

Amazing discovery on ancient Cuneiform tablet

Our partners at the University of Lewisham  department of physical anthropology and archaeology (Marsala campus) have again come up with what may be a world-first.

Cuneiform clay tablet with possible indication of Amazing Rocket Ship symbol

Cuneiform clay tablet with possible indication of Amazing Rocket Ship symbol at top left

In a statement released today the department’s spokesperson concludes:

‘This cuneiform clay tablet (approx 11cmx9cm) lay in storage for decades before a research student stumbled upon a box in a far corner of the library stacks. Its source is yet to be verified but it is evidently of the period c3200BCE. The tablet shows in the top section one character that is clearly a Rocket Ship of some form or another. As yet experts have been unable to unlock the key to this symbol.

However, the remaining text reads: “…amazing rocket ship bear witness to this remark[…] machine come among [us].”


Boring Australian election: Amazing Rocket Ship may have the answer

Having returned to the shores of Australia following a few weeks touring to other continents with elections looming [see here and here], Amazing Rocket Ship was disturbed to find a sense of lethargy and disinterest.

Boring Australia Amazing Rocket Ship to the Rescue

Boring Australia

Australia is in the grip of one of the most boring and lengthy election cycles ever. Even the politicians are unable to muster enthusiasm, and there is no ethical or moral thread. Indeed, Amazing Rocket Ship encountered a continent gripped by Superannuation and Tax and Budget Surplus. Is there an answer to this impasse? We here at Rocket Ship Foundation believe there is – if only the politicos look to the Stars and think of Making Space for Everyone [in its widest sense].