It is 48 years since the first Moon landing: Amazing Rocket Ship offers a celebration

On the 20 July 1969 the first feet set down upon the Moon. This was an unprecedented day in the history of humanity, and, to date, has not been surpassed. The Rocket Ship Foundation, parent organisation of Amazing Rocket Ship, offers this dedication to the men and women who made that landing possible.

48 anniversary of moon landing

In honour of the first Moon landing by Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins

Joyful memories of Childhood: 2

The second in an occasional series [find the first here] depicts Amazing Rocket Ship with sibling watching Dad flying a kite on a warm summer Sunday afternoon, somewhere in the Surrey hills.

Memories of childhood 2

Amazing Rocket Ship watches as Dad flies a kite in gentle breeze one summer’s afternoon.

Paris Accord and the USA: Amazing Rocket Ship’s blistering response

The Paris Accord was heralded by Amazing Rocket Ship way back in December 2015 [see here]. Now President Trump has put his foot in it, as is his way, and says he is an isolationist when it comes to matters of economics/the actual future of our planet. Therefore, two Amazing Rocket Ships have taken it upon themselves to put the USA into isolation – literally – through sending the entire country [with the exception of California and NY] into a geostationary orbit above the planet Earth where it and its president can do no further harm and reflect on their stupidity. If the USA won’t comply with global emissions then let the USA do its dirty deeds in the vacuum of space. Here on Planet Earth Amazing Rocket Ship seeks to ‘make space for everyone’.

USA is lifted out of the World map

The United States of America is literally removed from the world map by two Amazing Rocket Ships after Trump’s climate change folly.

ARS seeks to put the USA in space

Two Amazing Rocket Ships land on the USA, insert grappling hooks, before taking the entire country into geostationary orbit.

Make your own Amazing Rocket Ship [planet optional]

The Rocket Ship Foundation is offering this ‘make-your-own kit’ to the general public in an effort to raise funds for its new program: sending Amazing Rocket Ship to Mars. You can purchase this wonderful kit for a pittance by contacting your local Amazing Rocket Ship representative.

Technical details: Plywood, wire and cotton thread. Approximate dimensions: 21cmx30cm. Model can be customised/painted to individual taste.

North Korean missile crisis: Amazing Rocket Ship in diplomatic geo-political shuttle mission

Just back from talks with the North Korean administration [see here], Amazing Rocket Ship headed straight for Washington where US President Donald Trump was told: ‘This ain’t show business, Donald. It’s time for you to behave.’

ARS and Trump in crisis talks

Donald Trump is brought a message by Amazing Rocket Ship

The ‘hood just got bigger

Nasa’s announcement of a new solar system a mere hop, skip and a jump away is celebrated by Amazing Rocket Ship, which made the journey there recently to say a big and warm ‘help’ from Planet Earth.


The neighbourhood just got a little bigger with Nasa’s announcement of Trappist 1

Love Poem to Amazing Rocket Ship

The Rocket Ship Foundation is pleased to distribute worldwide this delightful and gay little poem written by an admirer of Amazing Rocket Ship and posted on Valentine’s Day just gone.


A love poem penned to Amazing Rocket Ship on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2017

The letter only reached our office here in Australia this morning.

The poem reads:

Amazing Rocket Ship you are so kind/You do all sorts of things for mankind.

Amazing Rocket Ship I love your grace/It seems to be a beautiful embrace/Of all the world and space beyond./But who helps you understand/What we here on little Earth/Need the most to comprehend?

Amazing Rocket Ship I love you so/Do not leave us in the lurch, never do.

Times are tough with Trump and all:/Amazing Rocket Ship we rely on you.