French Presidential Elections: Amazing Rocket Ship prepares to go to the polls

Cunningly disguised as a Frenchman, Amazing Rocket Ship is in Paris soaking up election fever, and ready to do the right and proper thing: vote for Emmanuel Macron.

Amazing Rocket Ship in disguise as a Frenchman

Disguised as a Frenchman, Amazing Rocket Ship is in Paris ahead of the second round of voting in the Presidential election.

Note: The Rocket Ship Foundation has not officially endorsed Amazing Rocket Ship’s entry into the affairs of another state, but is hopeful France will do the good and proper thing.

Donald’s 100th day in office doesn’t go quite as planned: thanks to Amazing Rocket Ship

Enough is enough, say we here at the Rocket Ship Foundation. Hence, we came up with a dastardly plan to make sure the President had something truly memorable on his 100th day in the Oval Office. Unbeknown to the Secret Service, Amazing Rocket Ship was able to gain access to the Presidential wardrobe (owing to some highly dubious back channelling through diplomatic circles) and those famous red ties.

Donald Trump and the 100th day doesn't go quite as planned

Donald finds an infiltrator in his wardrobe: his tie explodes and Amazing Rocket Ship takes his head into geo-stationary orbit

Amazing Rocket Ship, concealed as a red tie, then exploded at an opportune moment, sending Donald’s head into geo-stationery orbit and thus averting World War III.

Budget priced Amazing Rocket Ships now on sale

The Rocket Ship Foundation, aware that some enthusiasts may not have deep enough pockets for a proper Amazing Rocket Ship, or may not require the huge payload for items such as domestic animals or a case or two of vintage Bordeaux, today presents its budget range.

While there may be some economies, be assured that the manufacturing process is as rigorous, and that your rocket will still be powered by Make-Believe™.

[RS040 a,b,c in the complete catalogue. Each about 12cm in length.]

North Korean missile crisis: Amazing Rocket Ship in diplomatic geo-political shuttle mission

Just back from talks with the North Korean administration [see here], Amazing Rocket Ship headed straight for Washington where US President Donald Trump was told: ‘This ain’t show business, Donald. It’s time for you to behave.’

ARS and Trump in crisis talks

Donald Trump is brought a message by Amazing Rocket Ship

Easter mystery closer to being solved, maybe

Associate professor I.T.S Joka of the University of Lewisham’s Institute of Illuminated Manuscripts has today informed the Rocket Ship Foundation of a most remarkable discovery. Prof. Joka, in an email, states that in the course of his research on some hitherto undocumented papers he came across the one here exclusively illustrated.

Jesus is risen and Amazing Rocket Ship

Illuminated manuscript showing the risen Christ markedly pointing to Amazing Rocket Ship atop a distant hill.

Prof. Joka writes: “This is a remarkable demonstration of the fact that Jesus may have had help in removing the tomb top, a heavy stone slab, and is attesting to this by indicating with his fingers the source: Amazing Rocket Ship sitting on top of a nearby hill.’

The manuscript is undergoing further forensic testing and a paper is due to be published shortly in Annuls of the Philosophic Journal of Lewisham, Modern Edition X.

North Korea welcomes Amazing Rocket Ship’s diplomatic mission

In accordance with the guiding principle of the Rocket Ship Foundation – Making Space for Everyone – Amazing Rocket Ship has set off on a whirlwind diplomatic mission to the rogue state of North Korea. North Korean media depicted the event as shown below. The questions are: Is Amazing Rocket Ship pursuing an ethical response to the impending missile crisis? and Is Amazing Rocket Ship being just a wee bit too non-judgemental? Answers please.

ARS and North Korea

North Korea welcomes Amazing Rocket Ship