Joyful memories of Childhood: 2

The second in an occasional series [find the first here] depicts Amazing Rocket Ship with sibling watching Dad flying a kite on a warm summer Sunday afternoon, somewhere in the Surrey hills.

Memories of childhood 2

Amazing Rocket Ship watches as Dad flies a kite in gentle breeze one summer’s afternoon.

Make your own Amazing Rocket Ship [planet optional]

The Rocket Ship Foundation is offering this ‘make-your-own kit’ to the general public in an effort to raise funds for its new program: sending Amazing Rocket Ship to Mars. You can purchase this wonderful kit for a pittance by contacting your local Amazing Rocket Ship representative.

Technical details: Plywood, wire and cotton thread. Approximate dimensions: 21cmx30cm. Model can be customised/painted to individual taste.

French Presidential Elections: Amazing Rocket Ship prepares to go to the polls

Cunningly disguised as a Frenchman, Amazing Rocket Ship is in Paris soaking up election fever, and ready to do the right and proper thing: vote for Emmanuel Macron.

Amazing Rocket Ship in disguise as a Frenchman

Disguised as a Frenchman, Amazing Rocket Ship is in Paris ahead of the second round of voting in the Presidential election.

Note: The Rocket Ship Foundation has not officially endorsed Amazing Rocket Ship’s entry into the affairs of another state, but is hopeful France will do the good and proper thing.

Amazing Rocket Ship in orbit around a light source

Exclusive photos from the Rocket Ship Foundation shows Amazing Rocket Ship in orbit around a light bulb [RS039 in the complete catalogue].

Dimensions: 17cm by 10cm (variable) – balsa; watercolour; copper wire; halogen bulb minus bulb; light fitting and cable.

Also see here for variation

In praise of De Stijl at 100

It is the 100th anniversary of De Stijl and the Rocket Ship Foundation, being supporters of the art world, offers this little salutation in the style of the renowned school of art.


De Stijl by Amazing Rocket Ship

For devotees of De Stijl also see this previous post on Theo van Doesburg.

Inflatable Amazing Rocket Ship

Can’t fit Amazing Rocket Ship in your flat or small townhouse? Help is at hand with this wizard idea: the Inflatable Amazing Rocket Ship [RS037 in the complete catalogue].

[Stands 28cm by 7cm: constructed from a child’s paddling pool and wire plus air from a bicycle pump.]

Fast ride in a small rocket: an animated movie

The Rocket Ship Foundation is always looking at ways to promote Amazing Rocket Ship so commissioned a world-renowned auteur to make this little film.

Note: Recognition has already come from the Lewisham Regional Film and Dance Festival with special mention in the Very Short Category.