Amazing Rocket Ship walks independently for the very first time: baby steps

The boffins at the Rocket Ship Foundation have done it again – giving Amazing Rocket Ship a set of feet to make safe manoeuvres on extraterrestrial terrains. Watch this little video of Amazing Rocket Ship’s first baby steps.

[Also known as RS042 in the Complete Catalogue*: 95mmx45mm. Brass, tin and plastic clockwork.]

  • What is the Complete Catalogue? The master checklist of every Amazing Rocket Ship built by the Rocket Ship Foundation, the parent organisation. This checklist is kept in secure conditions, being the benchmark by which each Amazing Rocket Ship is verified for posterity.

Fast ride in a small rocket: an animated movie

The Rocket Ship Foundation is always looking at ways to promote Amazing Rocket Ship so commissioned a world-renowned auteur to make this little film.

Note: Recognition has already come from the Lewisham Regional Film and Dance Festival with special mention in the Very Short Category.