French Presidential Elections: Amazing Rocket Ship prepares to go to the polls

Cunningly disguised as a Frenchman, Amazing Rocket Ship is in Paris soaking up election fever, and ready to do the right and proper thing: vote for Emmanuel Macron.

Amazing Rocket Ship in disguise as a Frenchman

Disguised as a Frenchman, Amazing Rocket Ship is in Paris ahead of the second round of voting in the Presidential election.

Note: The Rocket Ship Foundation has not officially endorsed Amazing Rocket Ship’s entry into the affairs of another state, but is hopeful France will do the good and proper thing.

Donald’s 100th day in office doesn’t go quite as planned: thanks to Amazing Rocket Ship

Enough is enough, say we here at the Rocket Ship Foundation. Hence, we came up with a dastardly plan to make sure the President had something truly memorable on his 100th day in the Oval Office. Unbeknown to the Secret Service, Amazing Rocket Ship was able to gain access to the Presidential wardrobe (owing to some highly dubious back channelling through diplomatic circles) and those famous red ties.

Donald Trump and the 100th day doesn't go quite as planned

Donald finds an infiltrator in his wardrobe: his tie explodes and Amazing Rocket Ship takes his head into geo-stationary orbit

Amazing Rocket Ship, concealed as a red tie, then exploded at an opportune moment, sending Donald’s head into geo-stationery orbit and thus averting World War III.

Abraham Lincoln in [confidential] conversation with Amazing Rocket Ship ahead of the US Presidential election

Abraham Lincoln chose to instruct Amazing Rocket Ship to come to hisĀ Memorial very recently so he could have a few choice words in confidence ahead of Tuesday’s US Presidential election, which at present is ‘too close to call’. Fearing the worst, Mr Lincoln is rumoured to have sounded Amazing Rocket Ship out on the possibility of stepping ‘into the breach’ should there be no clear mandate. Mr Lincoln is believed to be an admirer of Amazing Rocket Ship’s quest to bring Space to Everyone and noted that though you can fool some of the people allĀ of the time, now is not the time.


Abraham Lincoln has a quiet word with Amazing Rocket Ship at his Memorial ahead of the US Presidential Election

The Immortals, Bob Dylan and Amazing Rocket Ship

The Rocket Ship Foundation never thought that headline would be written – yet such is life! With the esteemed honour from the noblest of all, the lovely Nobel people in Sweden [and not to be confused with the Noble people of the University of Lewisham who so kindly conferred their honour on Amazing Rocket Ship recently, see here if you missed it] comes recognition of a kind.Of what kind remains to be written. Homer, Shakespeare [and a lot of others in between] and Dylan. Methinks a rat my lord [exit left pursued by a bear]…


Bob Dylan is a Nobel Laureate, in Literature no less, placing him alongside Mr Homer and Mr Shakespeare.