Paris Accord and the USA: Amazing Rocket Ship’s blistering response

The Paris Accord was heralded by Amazing Rocket Ship way back in December 2015 [see here]. Now President Trump has put his foot in it, as is his way, and says he is an isolationist when it comes to matters of economics/the actual future of our┬áplanet. Therefore, two Amazing Rocket Ships have taken it upon themselves to put the USA into isolation – literally – through sending the entire country [with the exception of California and NY] into a geostationary orbit above the planet Earth where it and its president can do no further harm and reflect on their stupidity. If the USA won’t comply with global emissions then let the USA do its dirty deeds in the vacuum of space. Here on Planet Earth Amazing Rocket Ship seeks to ‘make space for everyone’.

USA is lifted out of the World map

The United States of America is literally removed from the world map by two Amazing Rocket Ships after Trump’s climate change folly.

ARS seeks to put the USA in space

Two Amazing Rocket Ships land on the USA, insert grappling hooks, before taking the entire country into geostationary orbit.

Paris Outcome is (will be/shall be/should be) celebrated by Rocket Ship and the Rocket Ship Foundation

12 December 2015 will (shall/should) go down in the annuals of recorded history as the date when the world gathered and formally declared itself as one. Therefore, Rocket Ship celebrates this date by an orbit across the French capital, and specifically the Arc de Triomphe, to recognise the great contribution of the diplomats and free citizens of the planet Earth to ensuring the continuation on this planet. Let not words stand in our way.

Rocket Ship celebrates the Paris Outcome

Rocket Ship celebrates the Paris Outcome

Light Bulb Moment

What if our politicians do not make the right calls regarding climate change and the Earth becomes a fiery inferno? Then Rocket Ship may be our answer. As we say here at Rocket Ship: ‘Do not forget the power of the imagination’.

The future of the human race may lie with Rocket Ship.

The future of the human race may lie with Rocket Ship.