Make your own Amazing Rocket Ship [planet optional]

The Rocket Ship Foundation is offering this ‘make-your-own kit’ to the general public in an effort to raise funds for its new program: sending Amazing Rocket Ship to Mars. You can purchase this wonderful kit for a pittance by contacting your local Amazing Rocket Ship representative.

Technical details: Plywood, wire and cotton thread. Approximate dimensions: 21cmx30cm. Model can be customised/painted to individual taste.

Amazing Rocket Ship in orbit around a light source

Exclusive photos from the Rocket Ship Foundation shows Amazing Rocket Ship in orbit around a light bulb [RS039 in the complete catalogue].

Dimensions: 17cm by 10cm (variable) – balsa; watercolour; copper wire; halogen bulb minus bulb; light fitting and cable.

Also see here for variation

That’s a wrap 2016: The Amazing Rocket Ship year in review

The Rocket Ship Foundation and Amazing Rocket Ship wish readers and supporters well for the coming year. In reviewing 2016 we present this gallery of highlights from each month.

It was a busy year here at the Foundation – with Amazing Rocket Ship for the first time playing a significant part in the geo-political scene, with requests coming from far and wide for sound guidance and wise counsel. More than ever Amazing Rocket Ship is likely to be called upon in the ensuing months to push that vital message: Make Space for Everyone. Rest assured Earth – Amazing Rocket Ship is up to the job!

The Egg Beater

The Rocket Ship Foundation is pleased to reveal the latest in the series of Amazing Rocket Ships – RS023, more affectionately known as The Egg Beater [for rather obvious reasons].

[Technical details: 52cm x 12cm: Tin; Brass; recycled Propet Swift-Whip.]



Rocket Ship desk mobile #2

Following on from the release a few weeks ago of a desk mobile for the busy executive, we are pleased to announce a companion item. This mobile completes a 360 degree circuit in a gentle breeze.

Here’s the video

Rocket Ship Mobile: the video

Here it is: the very first video from Rocket Ship Foundation (shot at considerable expense) of the mobile version that can sit on your desktop. The globe at right is a representation of the Earth – it is coloured white and blue. These desk-top mobiles are available as limited editions and can be ordered direct from Rocket Ship Foundation through the Merchandise Page.