Amazing Rocket Ship walks independently for the very first time: baby steps

The boffins at the Rocket Ship Foundation have done it again – giving Amazing Rocket Ship a set of feet to make safe manoeuvres on extraterrestrial terrains. Watch this little video of Amazing Rocket Ship’s first baby steps.

[Also known as RS042 in the Complete Catalogue*: 95mmx45mm. Brass, tin and plastic clockwork.]

  • What is the Complete Catalogue? The master checklist of every Amazing Rocket Ship built by the Rocket Ship Foundation, the parent organisation. This checklist is kept in secure conditions, being the benchmark by which each Amazing Rocket Ship is verified for posterity.

Budget priced Amazing Rocket Ships now on sale

The Rocket Ship Foundation, aware that some enthusiasts may not have deep enough pockets for a proper Amazing Rocket Ship, or may not require the huge payload for items such as domestic animals or a case or two of vintage Bordeaux, today presents its budget range.

While there may be some economies, be assured that the manufacturing process is as rigorous, and that your rocket will still be powered by Make-Believeā„¢.

[RS040 a,b,c in the complete catalogue. Each about 12cm in length.]

Eleventh dimension, superstring theory and Amazing Rocket Ship

It is said by some philosophers and astrophysicists, including Brian Greene, that the universe is of eleven dimensions. Trying to get one’s head around that is hard enough: but Amazing Rocket Ship can and takes theory to practice in this illustration.

Eleventh dimension and Amazing Rocket Ship

String theory and Amazing Rocket Ship

Conference of Amazing Rocket Ships

This weekend saw a most unusual event as six Amazing Rocket Ships assembled at the same place for a Parliament to reaffirm commitment to ‘Making Space for Everyone’.

A Parliament of Amazing Rocket Ships assembled

These six Amazing Rocket Ships came together to reaffirm commitment to ‘Make Space for Everyone’.

Amazing Rocket Ship in orbit around a light source

Exclusive photos from the Rocket Ship Foundation shows Amazing Rocket Ship in orbit around a light bulb [RS039 in the complete catalogue].

Dimensions: 17cm by 10cm (variable) – balsa; watercolour; copper wire; halogen bulb minus bulb; light fitting and cable.

Also see here for variation

In praise of De Stijl at 100

It is the 100th anniversary of De Stijl and the Rocket Ship Foundation, being supporters of the art world, offers this little salutation in the style of the renowned school of art.


De Stijl by Amazing Rocket Ship

For devotees of De Stijl also see this previous post on Theo van Doesburg.