Paris Accord and the USA: Amazing Rocket Ship’s blistering response

The Paris Accord was heralded by Amazing Rocket Ship way back in December 2015 [see here]. Now President Trump has put his foot in it, as is his way, and says he is an isolationist when it comes to matters of economics/the actual future of our┬áplanet. Therefore, two Amazing Rocket Ships have taken it upon themselves to put the USA into isolation – literally – through sending the entire country [with the exception of California and NY] into a geostationary orbit above the planet Earth where it and its president can do no further harm and reflect on their stupidity. If the USA won’t comply with global emissions then let the USA do its dirty deeds in the vacuum of space. Here on Planet Earth Amazing Rocket Ship seeks to ‘make space for everyone’.

USA is lifted out of the World map

The United States of America is literally removed from the world map by two Amazing Rocket Ships after Trump’s climate change folly.

ARS seeks to put the USA in space

Two Amazing Rocket Ships land on the USA, insert grappling hooks, before taking the entire country into geostationary orbit.

Fake White House: dastardly plan by Amazing Rocket Ship

With President Trump out of the country for a few days, Amazing Rocket Ship and a stealth team from the Rocket Ship Foundation have been busy. A fake White House has been assembled [out of cardboard for lightness] and set up in a secret location.

ARS and Fake WHite House

Donald Trump arrives home in Washington and is deceived by the fake White House

The plan is as follows: President Trump and entourage arrive home full of themselves; a convoy of pretend limos takes the great and the good to the Fake White House; whereupon Donald, besides himself with pumped up pride at what he has done as a global statesman, enters the portico [ignorant to the fact this is not his usual residence], and into the bowels of Amazing Rocket Ship, cunningly waiting. The rest is simple – a flick of a switch and the Trump is blown into orbit and everyone gets back to doing what they were doing in early 2016.

French Presidential Elections: Amazing Rocket Ship prepares to go to the polls

Cunningly disguised as a Frenchman, Amazing Rocket Ship is in Paris soaking up election fever, and ready to do the right and proper thing: vote for Emmanuel Macron.

Amazing Rocket Ship in disguise as a Frenchman

Disguised as a Frenchman, Amazing Rocket Ship is in Paris ahead of the second round of voting in the Presidential election.

Note: The Rocket Ship Foundation has not officially endorsed Amazing Rocket Ship’s entry into the affairs of another state, but is hopeful France will do the good and proper thing.

North Korea welcomes Amazing Rocket Ship’s diplomatic mission

In accordance with the guiding principle of the Rocket Ship Foundation – Making Space for Everyone – Amazing Rocket Ship has set off on a whirlwind diplomatic mission to the rogue state of North Korea. North Korean media depicted the event as shown below. The questions are: Is Amazing Rocket Ship pursuing an ethical response to the impending missile crisis? and Is Amazing Rocket Ship being just a wee bit too non-judgemental? Answers please.

ARS and North Korea

North Korea welcomes Amazing Rocket Ship



Conference of Amazing Rocket Ships

This weekend saw a most unusual event as six Amazing Rocket Ships assembled at the same place for a Parliament to reaffirm commitment to ‘Making Space for Everyone’.

A Parliament of Amazing Rocket Ships assembled

These six Amazing Rocket Ships came together to reaffirm commitment to ‘Make Space for Everyone’.

That’s a wrap 2016: The Amazing Rocket Ship year in review

The Rocket Ship Foundation and Amazing Rocket Ship wish readers and supporters well for the coming year. In reviewing 2016 we present this gallery of highlights from each month.

It was a busy year here at the Foundation – with Amazing Rocket Ship for the first time playing a significant part in the geo-political scene, with requests coming from far and wide for sound guidance and wise counsel. More than ever Amazing Rocket Ship is likely to be called upon in the ensuing months to push that vital message: Make Space for Everyone. Rest assured Earth – Amazing Rocket Ship is up to the job!

Exclusive: Trump-elect anoints Marlboro Man as designate under-secretary of Health

Following Amazing Rocket Ship’s recent meeting with Trump-elect [see here}, a back-channel was established that has now borne fruit – Marlboro Man himself is being resurrected to serve in the new Administration to promote good health. And why not? After all when first formed Marlboro Man was indeed the personification of an ideal – women loved him (as they seem to love Trump-elect) and with the crush-proof packaging, well, that speaks for itself. As the ad says: ‘This one you’ll like’. A lot to like!


Marlboro Man is nominated in the new Trump Administration