Paris Accord and the USA: Amazing Rocket Ship’s blistering response

The Paris Accord was heralded by Amazing Rocket Ship way back in December 2015 [see here]. Now President Trump has put his foot in it, as is his way, and says he is an isolationist when it comes to matters of economics/the actual future of our planet. Therefore, two Amazing Rocket Ships have taken it upon themselves to put the USA into isolation – literally – through sending the entire country [with the exception of California and NY] into a geostationary orbit above the planet Earth where it and its president can do no further harm and reflect on their stupidity. If the USA won’t comply with global emissions then let the USA do its dirty deeds in the vacuum of space. Here on Planet Earth Amazing Rocket Ship seeks to ‘make space for everyone’.

USA is lifted out of the World map

The United States of America is literally removed from the world map by two Amazing Rocket Ships after Trump’s climate change folly.

ARS seeks to put the USA in space

Two Amazing Rocket Ships land on the USA, insert grappling hooks, before taking the entire country into geostationary orbit.

Fake White House: dastardly plan by Amazing Rocket Ship

With President Trump out of the country for a few days, Amazing Rocket Ship and a stealth team from the Rocket Ship Foundation have been busy. A fake White House has been assembled [out of cardboard for lightness] and set up in a secret location.

ARS and Fake WHite House

Donald Trump arrives home in Washington and is deceived by the fake White House

The plan is as follows: President Trump and entourage arrive home full of themselves; a convoy of pretend limos takes the great and the good to the Fake White House; whereupon Donald, besides himself with pumped up pride at what he has done as a global statesman, enters the portico [ignorant to the fact this is not his usual residence], and into the bowels of Amazing Rocket Ship, cunningly waiting. The rest is simple – a flick of a switch and the Trump is blown into orbit and everyone gets back to doing what they were doing in early 2016.

Donald’s 100th day in office doesn’t go quite as planned: thanks to Amazing Rocket Ship

Enough is enough, say we here at the Rocket Ship Foundation. Hence, we came up with a dastardly plan to make sure the President had something truly memorable on his 100th day in the Oval Office. Unbeknown to the Secret Service, Amazing Rocket Ship was able to gain access to the Presidential wardrobe (owing to some highly dubious back channelling through diplomatic circles) and those famous red ties.

Donald Trump and the 100th day doesn't go quite as planned

Donald finds an infiltrator in his wardrobe: his tie explodes and Amazing Rocket Ship takes his head into geo-stationary orbit

Amazing Rocket Ship, concealed as a red tie, then exploded at an opportune moment, sending Donald’s head into geo-stationery orbit and thus averting World War III.

Sea of Love found to be barren

The Rocket Ship Foundation sent Amazing Rocket Ship to the Moon to discover if Trump’s Sea of Love is really as full to the brim as he has claimed. This remarkable illustration demonstrates for a fact that the Sea of Love is, as are all seas on the Moon, barren and infertile. Sorry Mr President, but your alternative narrative don’t add up.


Amazing Rocket Ship finds the Sea of Love barren

Trump protest rally: Amazing Rocket Ship adds weight

The inauguration of Donald Trump has ignited waves of protest around the world, and the Rocket Ship Foundation lost no time in sending a signal to the new administration that it is not going to sit back and play dumb. Amazing Rocket Ship was therefore despatched post haste to add weight and influence to the impassioned Voice of Reason, as shown in this news photo.


Trump inauguration protest joined by Amazing Rocket Ship

[Note: The Rocket Ship Foundation distances itself entirely from falsehoods that may be put out by the Trump Administration regarding a meeting held in November 2016 between the then President-elect and Amazing Rocket Ship. See here. Yes, a meeting was held, a frank meeting, at which Amazing Rocket Ship sought to sound out Mr Trump on his views on space exploration. Mr Trump replied, ‘Space…there money in Space? Maybe I can rebrand the Moon as LunaTrump and put an Hotel up there. What’d you think Amazing Rocket Ship?’ At which point Amazing Rocket Ship left the meeting, citing a headache.]